Busivid, Brandspot and That Startup Show

Busivid is a new iphone application that streamlines the production video for youtube.

With Busivid all you do is record your video and then the app adds intros , outros, theme music and a watermark! Love It.

If you have ever tried editing  videos (as I did with free events this week RIP) you will know it can be really time consuming (it often takes way more time than actually the recording). I’m really excited about this as its motivated me produce some video in future – so expect a follow up post. I wonder if they are thinking of doing a version of this app for podcasting into wordpress?

I have also been using another useful service called brandspot.

Brandspot Melbourne

With research rockets we have been getting ourselves in a muddle sending out the wrong versions of logos and other marketing collateral. Brandspot is a Melbourne based startup that gives you a place to organize all your logos etc and share it with the world , simple but effective. If you have a similar problem I’d recommend giving them a go.

I found brandspot when I had the good fortune to attend an early screening of thatstartupshow. That Startup Show is made here in Melbourne, its a really fun show and showcases some of Australia’s most innovative and exciting new business. If you want to watch it the first two episodes are downloadable for free! Just click the links. I hope you enjoy it!

That Startup show melbourne



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